farm gate Signs

A farm is not complete without a carved gate or entrance sign. Talk to us today about making yours!

macrocarpa slab carved with the image of a cow, link to farm gate plaques



Need a house plaque that will personalise the Bach or your home? Why not stand out from the rest...

tiger carved into macrocarpa


Slab signs

We have lots of Macrocarpa Slabs available. They are Dry and ready for your Business sign or Farm Sign

exaple of gift certificate



Need a personalised gift for a birthday or xmas? Design and pay for your custom sign online! .

wooden sign wraped in red bow

Design Now

Welcome to Wooden Signs

When choosing signage for your business or farm and you get one of our wooden signs, you are investing in your future....yes that may sound far fetched! But you are making the choice for a natural, eco friendly wood signage alternative! And your signage will feel at home in its surroundings, it will age gracefully, and with the occasional coating of raw linseed oil, it will last for years and years to come, unlike the alternative that will have less than 25% the life of one of our wooden signs.

Wood gives a personal touch and warmth, we have a large selection of compleated Macrocarpa & Swamp Kauri signs for you to view, we do work for Farms, Vineyard Entrances, Business, Houses, Bachs, and name plates for the horses in your stable or just a plaque for the garden, all our products are made to order.

Contact us with an idea, and we’ll send you a free preview layout and quote via email or design your own online with our Design-a-sign desginer. Choose our design, or mix and match ideas until we get the perfect one for you, then we’ll carve your slab for your house, farm or business in the material of your choice such as, Macrocapa, Kauri and others.


design-a-sign online Designer

We have designed Design-a-sign so you the customer is able to quickly, and affordably design your own gift online! Once you have put in your chosen text, your font and entered your contact details, you can make the payment, and then we will make it and deliver it to you.

How does this work? * Well you go to gift-a-sign and choose your sign size from small stable tag, to large farm gate sign, * enter your details into our designer and see what it will look like before you buy it. If you dont like the font, you can simply choose another! * Once you have entered all your details then you can purchase your sign and we take it from there!* Once we have your details we will lovingly make your sign and send it out to you. 'Please note we have a flat rate for courier postage detailed on each page.'

Why are the Gifts cheaper than other custom plaques? That's because completely customised work takes a lot of time. I can spend up to 2 hours just doing artwork and sending emails! But when you take out all the emails and professional design that all cost money, you save with Design-a-sign, which is a win win!

Great for Christmas and Birthdays! Give a personalized gift to the one in your life that has everything! Give them their own Kauri or Macrocarpa sign that you have designed online.