Wooden Signs Designs & Fonts

I have been designing wooden signs, shops, displays and museum exhibitions for 15 years, in this time whatever the job was the same question always comes up.

'What do you want your sign to say', this is not just words, its the shape your font and images, it can make the design of your sign feel rustic, country, rodeo, business or yes we are a loving family, just by using fonts and images and the natural shape of the timber sign you can convey your message how you choose, below i have some examples of custom sign pictures and fonts, to give you insparation, so if you have a message you want to put onto a sign and just can't visualise it, I'm here to design you your sign that fits your needs, contact me and i will send to your email your wooden sign design layout in a few styles to choose from.

If you have a font you love we have 4500 fonts in our libary so 9 out of 10 times we have it, if not you can send us your font via email or we can download it from the many online font libarys.

If you have a logo you would like on your Macrocarpa or Swamp Kauri sign, we are very happy to include this, just contact us send us a picture or post us your business card in the mail or you can even send it to my phone.

Once you have decided what your you would like to say with your design, then you need to look at your budjet the size and type of wood you would like have a look at our price guide for help.

Please contact me with your details and sign requirements, once i have the sign details which can be text, numbers, image, logo or any combination and i will design you up a sign layout email it back to you for your approval, then we can refine the sign design so you are 100% happy with what you will recieve, the emailed design will be 99% acurate what it will look like with the final sign.