How to order FAQ's

QUESTION : How do i get started ordering my personalised custom wooden sign?

ANSWER: Well to get started ordering your wooden sign, you need to come up with what you would like on your sign you can have a look at our designs page to get inspiration, once you have your sign content please contact us with your details, or if it is a simple sign with just text please use our gift-a-sign service where you can design your sign online. If you want a fully custom sign will then send you your wooden sign layout to your email and give you a phone call .

QUESTION: What if i don't like the design?

ANSWER: No problem I am dedicated to making my customers 100% happy, so with your feed back on the first design I will send you a second and if needed a third, forth and even a fifth untill you are happy with how it looks. The first layout and review are priced into the pricing guide, additional designs and changes may incur extra charges if multiple designs are needed.

QUESTION: How do I pay for my wooden sign?

ANSWER: We take personal Cheques, Direct deposit or even Paypal. When you are 100% happy with your wooden sign layout, and have confirmed your layout to us via email, we will send you an account to be paid before production.

QUESTION: How long will it take to make my custom wooden sign?

ANSWER : Once we have your wooden sign design confirmed and recieved your cheque, bank deposit or paypal transfer, it will take as little as one week to produce and another couple of days to courier to you, so give two weeks for the whole process from contacting us to recieving your sign.

QUESTION: What if my wooden sign gets damaged in delivery or there is a misprint?

ANSWER: If your sign is damaged in delivery or there is a misprint, then we will get it collected by our courier for us to fix or replace as soon as possible.

QUESTION: If I want another sign like the first sign I ordered will it be the same?

ANSWER: Yes, all our jobs are kept on file in a cloud in cyber space, so you will never lose your design. However the grain of wood etc will be unique to each piece of wood.